Care of your wood floor

A wood floor is very easy to maintain and will last for years and years. There are a wide range of cleaning products on the market, but I recommend the basic cleaning kit produced by Bona. This is available from several suppliers in the Reading and Newbury area. It's sold in a spray bottle (right) and also in a 4l refill container.

I don't recommend the use of polishes because over time they tend to build up a layer on the floor's surface which is susceptible to chips and marks. A cleaner simply maintains the lacquer finish and leaves it looking like new.

It's also worth getting some felt pads to put beneath heavy items of furniture to avoid any danger of them scratching or damaging the floor's surface.

After a few years, if the floor has been subjected to heavy wear and tear and looks like it needs freshening up, I recommend you call me to perform a light sanding of the lacquered-surface and to re-apply a fresh coat of lacquer. It's best to do this before substantial wear has ocurred otherwise it will be necessary to sand back to the bare wood, which will be more costly.